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Sound Performances (selection)

Roberta Busechian live performances are based on field recordings/ virtual ambiences, connected to interventions in the public space, with a focus on field recordings and  listening tecniques as social connectors.  The live work by Roberta Busechian is structured in different phases. First of all she investigates field
recordings mixed with different listening techniques, including edited audio tapes, digital recordings and live contact mics in the space outside the performance/installation venue. During the field recording the artist searches for the biggest ammount of harmonics in the environment, monitoring it through installed michrophones and portable recorders, collecting sonic landscapes that are able to transmit a narrative, of a place and its social and historical backgrounds. During the live streamed sound in the final installation place the sound will be spatialised in the venue using sonic drones, panning and digital delays. The use of a live stream technique is meant to combine recorded sound and live captured sound, mixing two different times and locations, letting them to melt and transform through glitches and delays of the streaming technology.

 27 December 2019 - Live performance in Tijuana (Mexico) at Nett Nett


22 December 2019 - Live performance at Kava Lounge, San Diego  


3 September 2019 - Live performance at Loophole, Berlin

(ph. by Valentina Cunja)


 20 April 2019 - Field recording Performance at Coaxialarts, Los Angeles


15 Juli 2018 (T)Raum  / Tasos Stamou / raxil4 / Luigi Marino, Live Performance at Iklectik, London


14 November 2015 - Sound Performance, Video von Alien Oosting, Finissage  “LABOR BERNAU”, Udk Berlin - Stadt  Bernau, Bernau bei Berlin

Hoffest_live performance at Bernau bei B

24 October 2014- “I’m going outside and maybe will take some time” Soundperformans with Golden Diskó Ship, Video by Antonia Cattan, text by Christoph Szalay, HOERgerede, Elevate Festival, Graz


March 2014- Sound performance and Poetry, field recordings research in Venice and text by Christoph Szalay, screened in Berlin and Weimar

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