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Sound Installations


Livestream sound installation for Dystopie Festival (Alte Münze and Treptower Park - Berlin) 

November 2020

Composition with two audiovisual webstreams (installation + online)


The acknowledgement that, on the grounds of the constant depletion of resources, our planet is not enough, seems to signify a threshold of human condition, the fluid shift of the world into another era.

While Earth is currently plagued by a pandemic and a global economic crisis, SpaceX Corporation is sending passengers into orbit on a private spaceship in order to pursue the utopia of a long-term colonization of Mars with commercial space flight. An alarming honey trap.

Point of departure for this composition, which is based on a terrific collapse, are sounds generated by one of the largest European energy producers, promoting its plan to abandon the use of fossil fuels in more than a generation’s time as groundbreaking. 

The installation in the defunct heating room of the Alte Münze works as a container, in which two sources of sound are combined: on the one hand, industrial sounds intercepted in a 24/7 livestream from the “Vattenfall Klingenberg” power station opposite Treptower Park in Berlin, and on the other hand, the audio track from the “SpaceX” live channel online stream. Both livestreams can also be followed on the festival website, enabling listeners to move between reality – virtuality, recorded time – real time, dystopia and utopia.

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