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Sound Installations


Sound Installation at ERRANT SOUND (Berlin) for SONOMEMO Exhibition

September 2019

The Project based on the experience of the artist with the music therapist Dr. Dorothea Muthesius: it works In terms of content, the observation of the origin and development of the memory processes by the Music therapy work with seniors, as a target group, who suffer from memory loss due to Alzheimer's Suffer from dementia. It will take the form of a sound installation, video screening and conference in the “Errant Sound “project space presented on Rungestrasse. It’s specifically about personal memories, through the music-therapeutic use of folk songs as input for therapy in the elderly be generated. The goal of Roberta Busechian is the exact moment of memory in the to fix different seniors (before and after the memory appears) and acoustically, to make it perceivable compositionally in another spatial and social context.

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