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Sound Installations


solo Exhibition-Sound Installation at ERRANT SOUND (Berlin)

November 2022

**|||Fireflies on asteroids|||**

this sound exhibition by Roberta Busechian is a place in between, or a time which has to arrive. a sonic situation where every element is building itself costantly, again and again in a deep search of a vision for the present.
interrogating on the anthropocentric, the meaning of dreams in our society and the way we grab the memories of the past, she is showing for the first time in an exhibition her hybrid sound art: fireflies on asteroids is not only a sound installation but also an intervention by a group of young adults with their dreams and ambitions. during her course at Atrium Jugendkunstschule Berlin, Roberta started a project in order to bring young people into sound art through hip hop and rap music. a big thanks goes to Chrisdarkskin, Leah and Tezo for being part of it.

about the educational project: a collaboration with Jugendkunstschule ATRIUM in cooperation with the comX and the Bettina-von Arnim school. Funded in the context of “Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung 2018 and 2020”, through the Paritätische Bildungswerk BV e.V. through the program JEP - Jung Engagiert Phantasiebegabt.

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