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Sound Installation

humi iacere _ auf dem boden liegen
commeare _ hin und her gehen
desuper _ von oben her

Desuper,Commeare,Humi iacere

Gropius Bau  for the Exhibition "Takeover; Plastic Catches Mushroom"(Berlin)

7. Juni till 26. September 2021

Seeing and understanding the world through children’s eyes – the exhibition Takeover explores this desire. It’s a collaboration between the Gropius Bau and the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, the Cultural Foundation of Berliner Sparkasse.

Dark spaces, the exhibition as game, interactions between light and water, movement and shadows, and the interplay of sound and nature: developing these themes, Berlin primary school students curate their own exhibitions with works by Berlin artists. This summer, students from Picasso-Grundschule primary school will start things off with Takeover. Plastik hört auf Pilz (Plastic Catches Mushroom) at the Gropius Bau’s south terrace, featuring artists Roberta Busechian and Tue Greenfort. Mushroom versus plastic or mushroom as plastic and can you actually hear nature growing?

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