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Sound Installation

Why still soundscapes

Live streamed sound installation  CASERMA PEPE (Lido) and ERRANT SOUND (Berlin)

May 2019

Leaving aside the historical references on the birth and development of the sounscape today it seems important to evaluate the sound research of the environments with a different approach from the traditional time and space specific recording because of the impossibility of setting a sound environment following the speed with which it mute, it evolves, or scarnifica of its own acoustic components. The life time of traditional soundscapes is certainly shorter and often ineffable, and research in this sense is perhaps no longer based on the discovery of new sound universes but on the possibility of following their lives in real time so as to capture what it can not be fixed according to the typical archiving of soundscapes.
Following this logic it seems necessary to emphasize the new sound matrices of the landscape, drones of high and especially low frequencies that are often (depending on the context) stratifications of noise that
makes the environment of public and private human life.
The installation part of the project aims to highlight this latest analysis of the online sound space as a virtual environment monitored in real time. Through sensors such as accelerometers and wide-ranging microphones, aims to capture and displace the internal space of the military building on two levels, the virtual one, through a live streaming of the online sound and the real one, spreading the sound of the military spaces in the Errant Sound space in Berlin, that one will be streamed through skype as an audiovisual installation (internal courtyard military building Lido or Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello). This double play between monitoring and dislocation aims to unravel the idea of place of sound and to question the real perception of what is heard acoustically in space and what is ignored, such as temporal micro-changes in frequencies and intermittent sound events or sporadic ones through a domain and control (real or apparent?) of the sound environments.
Installation sites:
Internal spaces of the of the military building in Lido (microphones positioning and installation) Spaces Errant Sound Berlin - sound diffusion in real time of the military building Conservatorio spaces or internal courtyard military building Lido (audio-visual projection in real time of audio streaming in the Errant Sound space in Berlin)

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