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Sound Installations



Sound Installation - multimedia installation

group exhibition “Hotel Universo, nella notte Transluminosa”,CURATED BY 

Valentina Lacinio, Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy

18. March - 29. March 2015 and Art Verona 2015, with Galleria Melepere Arte  Contemporanea e Rosso18 aquired by Fondo DOMUS

Ink on paper, digital print on paper, Arduino and LCD Display

audiotrack (42´04”)

berlin underground ears, pink tailcoat,ital.: frak (frak) also euphemism for “fuck". on the screen of a cell phone a private message is being typed. "I can not, for tonight I figured 23 Euro, you can get drunk tomorrow, then we can have sex all day."  three LCD screens repeat this message, message as mere display behind a reflective plexiglass.  I separate the message from the sender, and installed a  triad where text recurs in another form: the sender as being derived from the comic, as translated and  “censored” message and as environment(ambient) where the message was concieved. the installation of those three elements is the reconstruction of the text-person.Who writes is. °#%

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