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Sound Installation/performance

Live stream with piezo-mic on breaking safety glass in real time web search

ERRANT SOUND (Berlin) for Trasmediale Vorspiel

January 2020

This project explores live stream performance as a method of socio-political  investigation between 60 year gap. The project is based on two separate acts, one is the live web browsing acted by Sandra Hauser, based on popular german newspaper contents from the decade 60-70, the second parralel act is the live sonification by Roberta Busechian, based on activated through field recordings and live caption of sonic informations from online real time posts related to the searched arguments. The arguments are visible through a projections that capts the live web search process by Hauser, wearing a go pro camera, while building conceptual relations through connecting arguments in Google search. The sonic environment presents a real time collapse between past and real time socio-political consciousness, dealing on the sonic consciousness and visual awarness within a live composition that collides when the arguments start to repeat themself through the web search.

ph. by Cut N Cue Media Solutions

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